A Little Help Brings Us Closer

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Greater Balance and Peace of Mind

Our Family Concierge service is bringing greater peace of mind and a trusted helping hand into the lives of families who are balancing career, kids, and elder loved ones.

  • ƒ Practical, flexible help for you or a loved one, from your very own local assistant you can trust.
  • ƒ Convenient web and smartphone apps make managing visits, viewing updates, and family collaboration easy.
  • ƒ Preferred access to nationwide partner services like handyman, home maintenance, lawn mowing, tech help, etc.

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Maintain Independence at Home

Sometimes just a little help is all that's needed. We designed Envoy especially to empower older adults who want to maintain independence and continue their lifestyle at home for longer.

  • ƒ Trusted local assistance for practical needs like shopping, errands, transportation, in-home tasks and more.
  • ƒ With our Concierge Desk, just pick up the phone to speak to a friendly person who will help you access the service.
  • ƒ A great complement to existing help, or the best way to start with small steps while building a trusted relationship for more.

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Relationships Built on Trust

The heart of our service is our amazing community of local assistants, our Envoys, who are among the most caring, compassionate people you'll meet.

  • ƒ They're stay-at-home mothers, former caregivers, retirees in encore careers - who love helping others and older adults.
  • ƒ Get matched 1:1 with your very own Envoy who becomes a familiar face and gets to know your preferences over time.
  • ƒ Every Envoy undergoes our rigorous screening, on-boarding and background check process.

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Live Life to the Fullest

At Envoy, we believe that "A Little Help Brings Us Closer". We're proud to be serving thousands of families and older adults across the country so they may all enjoy fuller, more connected lives.

  • ƒ At Home - The Lees appreciate having their Envoy buy groceries for grandma every week: one less to-do item when they visit means more quality time together with the grandkids.
  • ƒ With Family - Sarah and her sister like getting updates & photos of their mother through the Envoy app after each visit.
  • ƒ In the Community - Robert's Envoy takes him to church each Sunday and then out to lunch or a walk in the park after.

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Safety is Our Priority

We started Envoy out of our own personal experience with our own families. We use Envoy ourselves, and we look after our clients the way we look after our own loved ones.

  • ƒ Out of thousands of applications each month, less than 5% of individuals are accepted to become Envoys.
  • ƒ Every Envoy undergoes our rigorous screening, on-boarding and background check process.
  • ƒ Our service is fully protected by a custom $1 million insurance policy through Lloyd's of London.

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