About Envoy

Envoy is the Family Concierge service for seniors and their families. Thousands have already turned to Envoy for lightweight help and support to stay in their homes longer, maintain their independence, and live life to the fullest.

The heart of our service is our wonderful community of Family Concierge assistants, whom we call our Envoys, serving clients in their local neighborhoods. Each and every day, our Envoys enjoy the freedom to earn flexible income they need, as they build trusted relationships with their clients, while being out and about doing something they love - helping others.

Whether it’s simply for grocery shopping from favorite local stores or as a compelling alternative to traditional in-home care or assisted living, our software and apps make managing everything just a tap away. Families have a trusted, 1:1 relationship with their Envoy while enjoying full transparency and peace of mind like never before - with notifications, photos, and receipts documenting every visit.

Who We Are

Envoy is a rapidly-growing, venture-backed startup based in San Francisco. Founded by a team of veteran entrepreneurs, our mission is to empower those who care and need care to live life to the fullest. With our Family Concierge service, we are offering needed alternatives and transforming the senior care market by bringing a new level of trust, ease of use, and flexibility to 40 million family members caring for an older loved one.About us dc490580c061fb99e6508b24fb13fc7e127be8aa7ec7f2b5bda14c65dd260902

Giving Back

We are passionate about helping those in need and improving the local communities in which we live and serve. To that end, we donate 1% of our profits and 1% of our employee time annually to local food banks and non-profits who are fighting to end senior hunger, isolation and family food insecurity.