How does being an Envoy work?
As an Envoy, you provide indispensable help to Seniors, their families, others in your community who need a trusted helping hand. Your clients create shopping and task lists for each visit through the Envoy website and app, and trust you to carefully shop for them, run "out & about" type errands, and perform small helping hand tasks in the home that make independent living easier. As an Envoy, you’re a trusted helping hand for independent living to your clients; and you are your own boss with the flexibility and freedom to set your own schedule and earn as much as you want.
What do I need to become an Envoy?
To be an Envoy, you need a driver’s license, a registered vehicle with insurance, and a smartphone. You should also love meaningful work that helps others and allows you to be your own boss. There are no fees to get started and you don’t need any personal shopping or caregiving experience; just the drive to provide the highest level of service to your clients who trust you with their weekly shopping and helping hand tasks.
Where do I shop as an Envoy?
By handling shopping for your clients, you'll serve as their lifeline to all the local things they need and buy regularly. Most clients rely on Envoy for their groceries. As such, Envoys shop for clients at Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, and other grocery chains such as Safeway. In addition, clients may request for their Envoy to shop for them at any local store for other things they need - so you may find yourself at Walgreens, Target, or Costco all the way to the local bakery or flower shop. Sometimes clients will want you to go to a specific store location, but otherwise for chains you can choose to shop at the local store location that make sense for you.
What types of non-shopping tasks will I be asked to do?
Clients may ask Envoys to perform simple, yet incredibly valuable errands and in-home tasks such as: putting away groceries, picking up prescriptions, running to the post office, or walking the dog. Our goal is to provide our clients a helping hand that makes independent living easier.
Do I need any medical training or home care certifications?
No, Envoys provide help with shopping, "out & about" type errands, and small household tasks to make independent living easier, but we do not take on any medical-related or skilled care tasks or anything requiring physical contact.
How does my schedule work as an Envoy?
As an Envoy, you visit each of your clients weekly or every other week during a regular two hour service window that works for both of you. How many regular clients you take on and which days and hours you choose to offer service are up to you! This gives you the flexibility and freedom to create a schedule that works in your life, with the security of regular weekly hours and create a steady income over time.
How much will I make as an Envoy?
Envoys are compensated on a per client visit basis, based on the estimated time and mileage to complete the shopping and tasks requested by the client for the visit. You earn more for visits that take longer and are farther. You also of course receive 100% of any gratuities that clients offer at their discretion. While Envoys are not paid by the hour per se, Envoys can typically expect to earn at least $15-$20 for every hour spent serving clients. Some Envoys report earning up to $25 per hour or more because they've been able to optimize their time and routine. The more clients and visits you choose to take on, the more you can make! You’re also totally free to organize your work in whichever way you think is most effective.
How do I get my clients’ shopping and task lists?
Your clients create their shopping and task lists through the Envoy website or mobile app in whatever way is most convenient for them. You'll access these lists through the Envoy mobile app on your smartphone. These lists tell you what to do or what to buy when performing your visit. For example when it comes to grocery shopping- clients may select products from our database, upload pictures, or simply type in what they need. They can also include helpful notes or instructions for you about each item. The Envoy platform is designed to help clients conveniently manage their shopping and task lists for each visit, while allowing you to build a relationship with your clients over time, so you can become an expert on their preferences and needs.
How do I pay for purchases when shopping for clients?
As an Envoy, it’s up to you how you pay for your clients’ purchases when you are shopping for them. Most Envoys like to use their own credit cards so they can earn rewards and miles while being reimbursed in less than a week. Other Envoys prefer to use pre-paid debit cards that Envoy provides in order to pay for clients’ items.
What happens if I can’t make my client visits because I’m sick or out of town?
As you are your own boss, your clients trust and rely on you to meet an important household need with foresight and dedication. At the same time, you have the rest of the Envoy Community behind you to help you out. With Envoy, you have the best of both worlds: your own business and a team to support you all the way.
What kind of support does Envoy offer?
While you’re an independent contractor and your own boss, we’re still here to walk you through the process of managing your clients and building your own business. With Envoy, you are joining a trusted and motivated community of people as caring and motivated as you are. And we have all the technology, support, and training that you need to succeed.
I’m ready to become an Envoy! How do I get started?
We’re excited that you want to become an Envoy! The process is straightforward, and you can get started right now. Please click the "Apply Now" button to fill out the written application, after which you’ll proceed on to a live phone interview. Then, if you’re invited to become an Envoy, you will need to agree to a standard background check, and provide proof of your driver’s license, registration and insurance. After some brief but important training and testing on using the Envoy app, you’ll select the service windows you would like to work so you can start delighting clients and earning money.
I have a question that’s not on this list, where do I go to find the answer?
We’re here to answer any questions that you might have about Envoy and we would love to hear from you. Please contact us at