5 Skills You Need to Advocate for an Elder Loved One


Being an advocate for your loved one is an essential and important role in caregiving. You take on the mantle of champion for their needs and desires, making sure that they get the help they need and maintain the quality of life they want.

Amy Goyer breaks down 5 essential skills you need to be an advocate for your loved one in her AARP article, “How to be an Effective Advocate for Aging Parents.”

  1. Be Observant - Small changes can be indicative of bigger problems, and catching those problems early could be crucial.

  2. Be Organized - Coordinating care and staying on top of legal, financial, and healthcare paperwork can be daunting, but it’s incredibly important. Look for technology or outside help if you’re feeling overwhelmed.

  3. Be Communicative - Build solid relationships with care providers, family and others. As your loved one’s advocate, it’s important that they hear you, but also see you listening.

  4. Be Questioning - Make sure you understand and gather all the information you need to help your loved ones make informed decisions.

  5. Be Tenacious - Never give up. They’re counting on you.

Read more in depth on Amy’s essential skills for advocates on AARP.

How Envoy Can Help: Ask your Envoy for feedback after they’ve had a visit with your loved one. We can help you observe, especially if you live remotely, and report differences in mood, behavior, and abilities to help you spot trouble signs early.