Family Concierge Is Changing the Senior Care Journey


Last week, we shared this infographic to explain Envoy's Family Concierge services. This week, learn more about what Family Concierge is and what it can mean to you and your loved ones. 

What is Family Concierge?

With one in five Americans over age 65 by the year 2030, many families are or will soon be facing decisions about how to care for their aging parents and loved ones. And yet information around this topic is surprisingly limited, making it hard for families to find a solution that fits their needs.

Discussions about the journey of senior care typically involve only traditional in-home health care or assisted living and nursing home facilities. What if you need a little help but you’re not ready for that kind of serious care yet? 

A recent AARP study showed that 80% of people want to remain in their homes for as long as possible. So how can you honor your parents wishes to live at home independently and still get them the help they need to maintain the best possible quality of life?

Thankfully, there is now a solution earlier in the care journey: a family concierge service. Rather than jumping straight to assisted living or in-home care, with family concierge, you can take baby steps toward getting your parents a little more help.

Family concierges provide services like:

  • grocery shopping, delivery, and putting away
  • running errands
  • picking up medications
  • small household tasks like changing light bulbs or setting up WiFi
  • seasonal tasks like setting up a Christmas tree

Envoy is the first family concierge service. With Envoy, the same person comes to your home, so that over time you form a trusting relationship with them. Envoys can anticipate their clients’ needs and, for example, keep food allergies in mind when making a substitution if the grocery store is out of what you wanted.

And because the transition to using a family concierge is much less jarring, you might find your parents more open to this idea than to other care options. Home is a special place of memories and emotional attachment. With family concierge, your parents can maintain their familiar home environment and keep doing their favorite activities like gardening, visiting neighbors, cooking, and walking the dog.

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Unlike traditional in-home care, family concierge services don’t have monthly minimum hours, so they’re more flexible and affordable. If there are no serious medical concerns that limit daily life tasks such as getting out of bed or getting dressed, then older adults can usually stay in their homes for many years with just a little extra help from a family concierge.

We know you want to give your parents the best care possible. They deserve it! After all those years of hard work and raising a family, you want to reward them with the retirement they had in mind. But nearly 50% of adults aged 40-59 are caring for both a parent over 65 and children under 18 at the same time. Adult children of retirees are very busy, so a family concierge service can also relieve some of the pressure to care for everyone all the time.

Best of all, using a family concierge can actually improve your parents’ quality of life for the better. These services can reduce driving, help them to eat well, maintain their favorite activities, and be a familiar, friendly face to check in on them periodically. This is what an Envoy client recently had to say: "This experience was great. It was much more than I expected. Not only was my Envoy professional, she was warm and super accommodating. I definitely will use this service again and again. Thanks Envoy." 

Don’t let traditional senior care options limit your family’s choices. Learn more about Envoy’s family concierge services on our website!