How to Ask Your HR or Benefits Manager to Consider Envoy as a Benefit


You know how beneficial Envoy can be for your life. Having a trusted helping hand that you can count on to drive your loved one to doctor’s appointments, do their grocery shopping just like you would, and help around the house with whatever they need is an invaluable resource. It’s essential to maintaining the balance of your career, kids, and caring for your aging loved one.

That’s why Envoy is now working with employers to bring this benefit to you and your colleagues. If your employer hasn’t adopted Envoy yet, here are a few points to mention to your benefits or HR department:

Tell them why you joined Envoy
You joined Envoy for a reason. Explain to them what your situation was and why you thought Envoy might be a good solution. Your HR team members are there to listen and help support you. Helping them understand is the best place to start.

Share your experience
Tell them how you’re using Envoy to help care for your family or aging loved one. Giving concrete examples of visits that allowed you provide care while you worked will help them see the benefits. Share with them your impressions of the Envoys you’ve worked with and why you trust them.

Make dollars and sense
Offering Envoy as a voluntary benefit doesn’t cost them anything, but it does provide the membership to you and your colleagues at a discounted price. It will save you, and them, money.