On “Envoy, Family Concierge, and Why Caring for Seniors Is Good Business”


Recently, Stephanie Palmeri of SoftTech VC shared her own personal story and connection to Envoy's mission by telling the story of her Grandmother, Dot, in her Medium post "Envoy, Family Concierge, and Why Caring for Seniors is Good Business". Stephanie explains how as her Grandmother aged, her family wanted to support her desire to maintain a high level of independence. Stephanie writes:

“We wanted to support her desire to live comfortably in her home for as long as possible”

However, Stephanie recalls her own mother finding it increasingly difficult to provide this to her grandmother without additional help and resources, something that is a common struggle for many families:

“The thing is, my family’s story is far from unique. This is the story of many aging journeys … and the balance caregivers must strike between respecting their adult parent’s independence while having peace of mind that they are safe and happy, while many are also caring for an immediate family of their own”

In fact, what Stephanie describes is the very struggle that 43 million family caregivers in the United States often face. From her perspective as a venture investor, Stephanie outlines the business case for caring for seniors and the need for a nationwide Family Concierge service and brand like Envoy:

"Before Envoy, there was no single-stop solution for the aging parent who doesn’t need professional care but probably shouldn’t be carrying loads of laundry down to the basement or driving to the local grocery store on their own. These services, Family Concierge, are the whitespace solution that Envoy offers its seniors and their caregivers”

Stephanie led SoftTech VC’s investment in Envoy and joined our Board of Directors. We’d like to thank her for sharing her personal story and perspective, and we’re so excited to have her involved with our journey. Read Stephanie's full post on Medium.