Questions & Answers

How does Envoy work?
When you become an Envoy member, you select a 2-hour window for your Envoy to visit you. If you are a a Weekly or Biweekly member, your Envoy will arrive during this time (e.g. on Mondays at 6-8pm) every visit. Then you use your computer, tablet or smartphone to manage your shopping list each week, which makes reordering and staying stocked easy. Your friendly neighborhood Envoy does your shopping for you and brings it all right to your door. Which means that you have more free time for the things you love.
Where will my Envoy shop for me?
Currently your Envoy can shop for you at Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, or any local store! Your Envoy shops locally at actual stores close to you to ensure your groceries are fresh when they arrive at your door.
When does my Envoy bring my groceries?
When you sign up for Envoy, you choose a two-hour service window for your Envoy to visit you. You choose the day and time that works for you, and your groceries show up!
How do I make my shopping list?
With your computer, tablet or smartphone, creating your shopping list is easy. You can snap pictures to add products, search or browse from our catalog of thousands of products, or just type them in. You can also include helpful notes for your Envoy about your preferences. Plus, it's simple to make items recur on a weekly basis and import regular purchases from your previous lists so each time is easier than the last.
How does my Envoy make sure that I get exactly what I want?
Envoys take great pride in the quality of their service and taking care of you and your family. As expert personal shoppers, they're the best at making sure that you're happy with absolutely every aspect of your experience. Plus, you can use the Envoy site to include notes and specifications about the products you need, allowing your Envoy to learn your preferences even better over time.
What if I need to return an item, will I get a refund?
If you receive an incorrect grocery item or an item that is unsatisfactory in any way, you need only let your Envoy know or contact us at
What if the store doesnt have the item I request?
Your Envoy will make every attempt to obtain your items, but sometimes they will be unavailable at the store. In that event, your Envoy can either skip or get the closest alternative, based on your specified preference. As your Envoy gets to know your preferences, he or she will be able to make better, personal recommendations for substitutions. You also have the option for your Envoy to text or call you while in the store to confirm substitutions.
What happens if I go on vacation or otherwise need to reschedule a visit?
We understand that some weeks you won't need your Envoy to shop for you, like when you go out of town on vacation. If you need to skip an Envoy visit, you can let us know 48 hours in advance via a convenient form on our website. If you are are a Weekly or Biweekly member, you will be credited an Envoy visit that you can either reschedule for another time or even give to a friend, neighbor, or family member as a gift. For vacations, we recommend rescheduling your visit for right after you return, so your kitchen will be fully-stocked as soon as you're back.
How much does Envoy cost?
Please visit our Plans & Pricing page for complete pricing information. Envoy can actually save you money on your grocery bill because you pay actual in-store prices — which are often 30-50% less than the online delivered prices for comparable products from online grocery stores — with no hidden markups. We even give you the original store receipt. Many Envoy clients are saving hundreds every month as a result, even with Envoy membership fees considered.
How am I charged for the Envoy service?
When you first sign up for Envoy and set up an order, you will be charged the first month's subscription amount. If you are not satisfied for any reason before your 2nd Envoy visit, simply cancel and receive a full refund of any membership and service feeds. Your subscription will renew on a monthly basis and your card on file will be conveniently charged automatically.
How do I pay for the groceries that my Envoy gets for me?
When you sign up for Envoy, you will securely enter your credit or debit card information. Once you receive your groceries from your Envoy and the grocery bill amount has been confirmed, the credit card you have on file will automatically be charged for the price of your groceries. Your Envoy will take a photo of the store receipt, and you keep the original.
Do I have to be home when my Envoy visits with my delivery?
It is highly recommended that you are home when your Envoy visits to ensure that you receive your order without inconvenience and that any perishable or frozen items are kept fresh. In the event you are not home, you can leave standing instructions to have your Envoy leave your groceries in a convenient place outside (with an exception for certain items like alcohol). Caregivers, family members, or other service providers may also receive your delivery on your behalf.
Can I tip my Envoy?
Tipping your Envoy is not required or expected, however many clients choose to recognize outstanding service with a gratuity. For your convenience, when you set up your Envoy profile, you have the option of using your credit card for any gratuity.
What if I want to cancel my Envoy membership?
We will gladly assist you with your cancellation. Even after our 100% Stress-Free Guarantee period for new clients, you may discontinue your Envoy membership at any time and receive a prorated refund for unused service.
Is my personal information safe and secure?
You never need to worry about your personal information with Envoy. We take every precaution to safeguard your personal information. Our system protects you at every step with the most rigorous standards of internet security, including encrypting all website and mobile transactions with SSL. Your account password is also encrypted. Credit card payments are handled through Stripe, our secure, PCI-compliant payments provider; your credit card information is never stored on our servers. We will never sell your personal information.
I have a question that's not on this list, where do I go to find the answer?
Were here to answer any questions that you might have about Envoy. Please contact us at