Envoy. Your weekly shopping. Done.

Delivering your favorite stores.

Envoy brings the local stores you already know and love to your doorstep. Starting with Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods. And with Costco and even your local farmers market and specialty stores coming soon. So you'll enjoy the same tasty, healthy, organic brands and quality you've come to expect.

Now everyone can have a personal grocery shopper.

Thanks to our fast-growing network of locally-based Envoys connected through the latest technology, what was once a luxury service is now affordable. Your very own Envoy is an expert shopper who sees you every visit and gets to know your preferences over time.

That peace of mind from never running out.

With Envoy, you'll conquer each week already knowing the shopping will get done, and just the way you want it. You're in complete control. Savor the joy of opening the fridge, and finding it always full.

A Quick Tour: When you sign up you’ll …

  1. Pick stores b86bac8136f257b78aea953754ca9360b5ec7f2395cd3cd764c176179b0b46db

    Pick your stores and desired delivery window.

  2. Fill profile 00ead3561d56bbaac9e3f819df55b72572fb5fc484cc6eddbf45cb37f743864b

    Fill out your profile to help your Envoy get to know you.

  3. Set up dee16950e8889b8cb95ff00a32f1ee2517bc02dfdad9ad4a16ba1493ea48a4cf

    Set up your shopping list with a few taps, clicks, or photos.

Then, with each visit:

  1. Manage list 736ed7de41d73933de7782ec964a171b30f9d2998638e63dd2424a517e43ed49

    Conveniently update your list up to 2 hours before your window.

  2. Shops 44d38f6f2a881fe4489b34c104130848419333190073b8c985b7476c922b1463

    Your Envoy shops for you at your local stores.

  3. Brings 4787f9640eafcb83192edfd6334d1ec4e4ed6fa749120b03a2d686ce93d2275b

    And brings it all to your door within your 2-hour window.

You'll save 80 hours a year.

Or more. It's amazing how all those lost weekend afternoons and "oh no, I'm out of something" trips add up.

With Envoy, you’re on your way to a new world. Where you'll have the freedom to get more done. To focus on what matters more. Or to simply relax and enjoy a well-deserved break.

You might be wondering...

What if I don't need it every week?
Envoy works best as a weekly service. We've found that our customers already went to the store once a week or more, and value the freshest produce, meat, and dairy products. However, we also offer membership options where you can use Envoy every other week or even simply whenever you need us. Regardless of which membership plan you select- if you're going on vacation, having a special event, or just need something unexpected, it's easy to reserve an additional visit or move an existing visit to best fit your schedule (subject to availability). Finally, if you happen to not use a visit during the month, you can even gift it to friends and family!
Is Envoy a good value?
Envoy is a great value. The #1 reason: you pay actual in-store prices — which are often 30-50% less than the online delivered prices for comparable products from online grocery stores; with no hidden markups. We even give you the original store receipt. Many Envoy clients are saving hundreds every month as a result, even with Envoy membership fees considered. And one month of Envoy costs less than an hour of babysitting per week, a single housecleaning session, or gym membership. With your kitchen always fully stocked, you'll eat healthier and spend less on takeout. Relax and have more time for the things you love.
Will I have the same Envoy every time?
Yes, we make every attempt to have the same Envoy serve you each and every visit. That way your Envoy can get to know your preferences over time as your trusted, dedicated personal grocery shopper. In the event that your regular Envoy is unable to serve you, our systems ensure that any of our Envoys will be able to delight you with a high level of service.
How do I tell my Envoy my preferences about picking produce, organic, etc.?
We provide multiple ways for you to tell your Envoy about your preferences in order to serve you better. First, when you join Envoy, you'll set up your profile to indicate your overall preferences around organic products, dietary considerations, handling substitutions, and more. In your shopping lists, you're also able to provide specific notes to your Envoy on individual items, if you desire. Finally, you even have the option of having your Envoy text or call you while in the store if there are any questions.
How does Envoy differ from online grocery services?
Great question! First, you get your favorite local stores which typically do not offer delivery: Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods Market, Costco, and select other local merchants. Second, you get your own dedicated Envoy who serves you every visit and gets to know your preferences over time as your trusted personal grocery shopper. Finally, you'll always pay the same, best prices as in the store - and we give you the receipt. No hidden fees, no minimums. Our passion is delivering an experience that truly fits into your life — your kitchen always fully stocked — so you can live life to the fullest.