Does Your Company Have a Return to Work Plan?


Each year, millions of employees across the country take extended leaves of absence from their career. Most often this leave is taken to bond with a new child, care for a sick spouse or provide care for an aging parent or other loved one.

While many companies in Silicon Valley and across the country have begun offering more robust paid leave options to help new parents and families, returning to work can be difficult and stressful after a long absence. takes a look at what future return to work best practices might look like including:

  • Project-based return strategies to dust off skills and learn new ones
  • Return-to-Work Onboading to help catch up to new industry trends and technology
  • Job-sharing opportunities and flexible schedules to help work life balance

Read about these and more on “How to support employees returning to the workplace

How Envoy can help: when designing your own Return-to-Work program for employees returning from a leave of absence to care for an elder loved one, consider including Envoy’s concierge service as a way to ease the transition and increase their confidence when coming back.