Emerging Trend of Corporate Elder Care Benefits May Be Saving Grace for Sandwich Generation Employees


Professional-Service firm Deloitte recently announced it would extend its employees 16 weeks of paid leave to provide care for their families. It’s hopefully the beginning of an emerging corporate trend to help the millions of working caregivers who are struggling to balance career with the responsibilities of raising children and caring for an aging parent or loved one.

As MarketWatch points out, “With more Americans living longer and developing diseases and disabilities as they age, elder care is claiming a larger share of a person’s finances and attention. There is clearly a need for providing employees with options to spend time with their families and the elderly without having it affect their jobs and careers.”

Read more on MarketWatch: “Relief may be on the horizon for the Sandwich Generation if elder-care leave catches on

How Envoy can help: consider offering Envoy’s concierge service as an extra benefit to employees taking family leave to care for an elder loved one. They’ll likely appreciate the extra support during what is certainly a time of added stress and transition.