Grocery Delivery for Trader Joe's in Napa, CA

3654 Bel Aire Plaza Napa, CA 94558

Get your favorite items delivered to your door from local stores by one of our expert Envoys


Dairy, Cheese & Eggs

Thumb vanilla almond milkThumb mandaraThumb img 1175Thumb goat milk brieThumb manchego cheeseThumb saint andre cheese

Produce - Vegetables

Thumb kaleThumb organic cherry tomatoesThumb very american saladThumb 2013 11 22 03 28 26 10069207 fresh organic arugula bundle bound with brown twine isolated on white bThumb french green beansThumb organic avocados

Sweets & Candy

Thumb fleur de sel caramelsThumb crispy crunchy chocolate chip cookiesThumb almond biscottiThumb dark chocolate mintsThumb butter waffle cookiesThumb products dark chocolate mallows

Beer & Wine

Thumb wells aleThumb 94255 abancay wineThumb 95910 pontificis redThumb 63008 purple moon shirazThumb 95322 villa alena moscatoThumb 84791 vintage ale

Frozen - Savory & Entrées

Thumb chicken gyoza potstickersThumb eggplant cutletsThumb cilantro wontonsThumb tjThumb fettuccine with mushroomsThumb broccoli   cheddar cheese quiche

Refrigerated & Prepared Foods

Thumb scalloped potatoesThumb chicken pot pieThumb super spinach saladThumb spicy thai style pasta saladThumb goat cheese pizzaThumb belgian chocolate pudding

Frozen - Desserts & Fruits

Thumb frozen mangoThumb sublime ice cream sandwichesThumb frozen yogurtThumb strawberry fruit floesThumb mini mint ice cream mouthfulsThumb pie crusts

Bread & Bakery

Thumb lemon tartThumb brown rice tortillasThumb cinnamon roll breadThumb harvest whole wheat breadThumb gluten free french rollsThumb organic multigrain oat bread

Meat & Seafood

Thumb chicken boneless skinless thighsThumb 97408 grassfedgroundbeef nzThumb chile lime burgersThumb carne asadaThumb cheesy cheddar dogsThumb img 1362

Beverages & Coffee

Thumb organic lemonadeThumb fresh pressed apple juiceThumb juice in a box tropical fruitThumb kettle brewed unsweetened black teaThumb mango green teaThumb peaberry coffee from brazil

Breakfast & Cereals

Thumb fat free blueberry muesliThumb imageThumb heart healthy whole grain oatmeal  cranberry Thumb a8bba018 8613 4a37 9a93 2386a6083ad9Thumb breakfast burritosThumb 98705 whole grain crunch450

Household & Pharmacy

Thumb pop up spongesThumb liquid laundry detergentThumb spf 15 spearmint lip balmThumb dr. bronner s pure castile soap peppermintThumb vitamin e oilThumb peppermint toothpaste

Snacks & Chips

Thumb pita chips  with sea salt Thumb multigrain and flaxseed water crackersThumb 31ytwg89rclThumb baked blue corn tortilla chips saltedThumb savory thin mini crackersThumb raisin rosemary crisps

Dried Fruits & Nuts

Thumb bag of dried apricotsThumb almondsThumb banana slicesThumb dried cranberriesThumb raw pecan halvesThumb 20140520 tj trail mix triangulated wasabi trek thumb 610x406 403389

Baking & Cooking

Thumb 97210 turbinado sugarThumb clover honeyThumb canola oil sprayThumb 100  desert mesquite honeyThumb baking sodaThumb sea salt

Grains & Pasta

Thumb organic whole wheat fusilli pastaThumb garlic basil linguine pastaThumb 1447 wildriceThumb jasmine riceThumb products 10minutegrainThumb brown basmati rice

Canned & Jarred Goods

Thumb solid white tunaThumb capersThumb ghk apple sauce trader joes cinnamon mdnThumb fire roasted red peppersThumb chicken of the sea premium crab real crab meat 1Thumb fire roasted diced green chile

Soups & Meals

Thumb 94804 creamofportabellaThumb three greens gratinThumb organic hearty vegetable brothThumb products lentil soupThumb tom yam soupThumb organic black bean soup

Sauces, Oils & Condiments

Thumb olive oilThumb 64652760 475137759904882 5550459756535018305 nThumb products dukkah1Thumb all natural barbecue sauceThumb real mayonnaiseThumb rustico pasta sauce

Produce - Fruits

Thumb fuji appleThumb 334159 5518 12Thumb granny smith appleThumb  organic bartlett pearsThumb bananas 170061Thumb black figs from california

Nut Butters & Fruit Spreads

Thumb products speculoos crunchyThumb speculoos cookie butterThumb creamy almond butter unsaltedThumb organic reduced sugar apricot preservesThumb cocoa almond spreadThumb crunchy salted peanut butter from unblanched peanuts