Dog Walking in Berkeley, CA

Envoy can help.

Our Family Concierge service provides a trusted helping hand to you or a loved one. Shopping, errands, chores, transportation and more, completed with care and a smile by your very own Envoy.

Envoy. A little help brings us closer.

Simple and fair pricing starting at $25 / hour


We're Hard at Work in Berkeley

See how Envoys are helping clients in the Berkeley area

  • Put Away Groceries for a client in Berkeley
  • Organize the Fridge for a client in Berkeley
  • Take out the garbage for a client in Berkeley
  • Change light bulb(s) for a client in Berkeley
  • Shop at Safeway Community Markets at 1550 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley
  • Shop at Diablo Foods at 3615 Mount Diablo Boulevard, Berkeley
  • Shop at Whole Foods, Berkeley
  • Shop at Costco Wholesale at 450 10th St, Berkeley

What We Do

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Groceries and Shopping

Grocery shopping at local supermarkets; personalized shopping at any local store - from Target to even the local bakery.

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Out & About Errands

Prescription pickup, taking packages to the post office, or bringing a meal from a favorite restaurant.

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Basic In-Home Help

Restocking the fridge & pantry, light meal prep, walking the dog, rebooting a router, or changing a light bulb.

Why Envoy

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A Trusted Relationship

Clients enjoy a 1:1 trusted relationship with their very own dedicated Envoy assistant who gets to know their preferences better over time with every visit.

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Safety is Our Priority

Every Envoy undergoes an extensive screening and background check, and our service is protected by a $1M insurance policy through Lloyd's of London.

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Care Made Visible

Through our apps & website, you'll receive notifications, receipts, and photos documenting each visit for transparency and peace of mind.

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