What We Do

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At Envoy, we know a little help can make a big difference when it comes to you and your family - from restoring greater balance to living life to the fullest at home.

  • ƒ Practical help for essential needs: from grocery shopping to accompanied rides to chores at home - and much more.
  • ƒ Enjoy a 1:1 relationship with your very own local Envoy assistant you'll know and trust.
  • ƒ Have a special request? From researching the perfect gifts for the grandkids to referrals for local home care agencies, our Concierge Desk can help.

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Eating Well

Grocery shopping

Light meal prep

Keep pantry stocked

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Getting Around

Rides to the doctor

Trips to the store

Salon appointments

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Household Help

Light housekeeping


Pet care

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Shopping & Errands


Mall and warehouse stores

Farmer's Market

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Hobbies & Activities


Games & puzzles

Help using the Internet

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Health & Safety

Pick up prescriptions

Observe status changes

Flag safety concerns

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Social Interaction

Hosting or visiting friends

Neighborhood walks

Organize an outing

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Peace of Mind

Regular check-ins

A trusted local person

Photos and notifications

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Pro & Specialty


Lawn mowing

Find a plumber

Experience Envoy Membership